Lecture Notes for Download

Whenever I teach a particular course, I strive to develop extensive lecture notes and/or slides that are self-contained, comprehensive, and that hopefully help the students in studying or revisiting the material covered in class.  The table below lists the lecture notes that I have made publicly available. Simply click on tthe course title to download the corresponding lecture notes as a single PDF file. More information on each individual course can be found on my teaching website

Introduction to Cosmology Undergraduate (non-science major) Slides (479 pages)
Physical Processes in Astronomy Undergraduate (astro-majors) Notes (293 pages)
Astrophysical Flows Undergraduate/Graduate Notes (304 pages)
Dynamics of Many-Body Systems
Graduate (Physics/Astro)
Notes (334 pages)
Numerical Hydrodynamics Graduate (Physics/Astro) Notes (63 pages)
Collisionless Dynamics Graduate (Physics/Astro) Slides (264 pages)
Theory of Galaxy Formation Graduate (Physics/Astro) Slides (691 pages)