I am an Associate Professor of Astronomy at Yale University. My research focusses on various aspects of cosmology, large scale structure, and galaxy formation. Among others, I study the Galaxy-Dark Matter Connection using Halo Occupation Statistics, model the formation and evolution of disk galaxies, constrain cosmological parameters using galaxies as mass tracers, use galaxy groups to study galaxy quenching, and use constrained simulations to model the local Universe. I have written over 150 papers in refereed journals and am also the author of the textbook Galaxy Formation and Evolution published by Cambridge University Press.


During the Fall 2018 semester I will be teaching

Latest News

08/18/2017:  Duncan Campbell succesfully defends his PhD thesis. Congrats Dr. Campbell
07/28/2017:  Read my comments on a press release on galactic mass transfer.
10/05/2016:  Johannes Lange awarded KITP Graduate Fellowship allowing him to spent 6 months at KITP Santa Barbara [click here]
10/01/2016:  Nir Mandelker arrived as the first HYPA Fellow.
08/17/2016:  Press Release on HYPA; The HITS-Yale Program in Astrophysics
06/07/2016:  Fangzhou Jiang succesfully defends his PhD thesis. Congrats Dr. Jiang
03/29/2016:  Fangzhou Jiang awarded 2016 Chinese Government Scholarship Award