Video Lectures

Lecture 1: Structure Formation in the Non-Linear Regime


Lecture 2: The Extended Press-Schechter Formalism


Lecture 3: The Structure of Dark Matter Halos


Lecture 4: Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation


Colloquia & Scientific Meetings

New Insights into Cosmology and the Galaxy-Halo Connection from Non-Linear Scales


Constraining the Galaxy-Halo Connection & Cosmology with Satellite Kinematics

[Santa Cruz Galaxy Formation Conference, Aug 2019]

The Tidal Disruption of Dark Matter Substructure: Fact or Fiction? 
(Halo Substructure and Dark Matter Searches, IFT Madrid, June 2018)
The Galaxy-Halo Connection; a broad-brush overview for non-experts (The Small-Scale Structure of Cold Dark Matter, KITP, June 2018)
The Tidal Evolution of Dark Matter Substructure (The Small-Scale Structure of Cold Dark Matter, KITP, May 2018)

What can we learn from Small Scale Clustering (Quantifying and Understanding the Galaxy-Halo Connection, KITP, May 2017)

Simulations of Structure Formation: Status and Challenges (Beyond WIMPS: from theory to detection, March 2017)

Dark Matter Substructure: Cosmological Treasure Trove or a Pandora’s (Princeton, December 2016)

On the Assembly of Galaxies in Dark Matter Halos (Heidelberg, July 2013)


Quenching & Quiescence (Heidelberg, July 2014)


Coming of Age in the Dark Sector (Utah, March 2016)


Modeling the 1-Halo Term (Princeton,  Dec 2015)


Substructure in the Dark Sector (Santa Cruz, Aug 2015)

The Substructure of Dark Matter Halos Revisited (STScI, Sep 2015)     [webcast]