Constructing 3-D models of DNA

Constructing 3-D models of DNA

The U.S. Grant Teaching Experience

Since 1953, the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation has drawn on the experience and enthusiasm of Yale undergraduates to create and run an educational enrichment program for talented middle school students from the New Haven public school system.

Each winter, U. S. Grant seeks motivated Yale undergraduates to teach during its summer program. Those hired as teachers have the unique opportunity to design and teach their own classes.

The 2023 program runs June 26 – August 3, 2023. Teachers must not only commit to these dates but also should plan to attend a week of paid training before the program begins.

U.S. Grant seeks a diverse team of creative Yale students who are passionate about education and have experience working with children. Please read below for information about the roles and responsibilities of teachers to see if teaching for U.S. Grant is right for you!

Outline of main responsibilities

  1. Designing and executing an engaging, project-based virtual “core” course for New Haven public school 6-9th graders.
  2. Collaboratively designing and executing a mixed-age elective course with one other U.S. Grant teacher.
  3. Helping design all-Grant and small-group free time over the duration of the six-week long summer program.
  4. Attending extracurricular events, such as Parent Orientation and the Final Showcase.
  5. Growing through mandatory professional development in order to develop skills to become excellent teachers, including:
    1.  Four spring training dates (dates and times to be determined based on teacher schedules) to discuss expectations and fundamentals of course design.
    2. One week of summer training prior to the six-week summer program, June 19th-June 23rd.
    3. Weekly professional development meetings during the program in which they workshop lesson plans and discuss big-picture questions about American education.


If you are a Yale student interested in applying to be a U.S. Grant teacher, please click here to apply! Reach out to with any questions.