Current schedule for a day at U.S. Grant

Daily Class Schedule

8:45–9:00: Student Arrival

9:00–9:15: Morning Meeting

9:20–10:30: Core Class (Humanities/Investigations)

10:35–11:45: Core Class (Investigations/Humanities)

11:50–12:30: Lunch (Provided)

12:30-12:40: Dismissal for electives

12:40–1:45 Electives

1:50–2:50 Purdy Time

2:50–3:00 Shout-outs

3:00-3:30: Pick up


Each day, students take three classes. In the mornings, students take Humanities and Investigations classes with their grade-level peers. In the afternoons, students take elective courses that they have chosen in mixed grade-level groups. All classes are 7–14 students. Yale students design these creative courses based on the subjects and issues they are passionate about, topics of study that are rare in the traditional public school setting.

  1. First, a humanities course about topics such as art, writing, poetry, philosophy.
  2. Second, an investigations course about topics such as biology, chemistry, finance, architecture.
  3. Lastly, students choose two elective courses to take, one on M-W and another T-Th.

    Class Jeo-party!

Grade Level Course Offerings from Previous Years

6th Grade:

Humanities: From Chants to Chance: The Fundamentals of Music

Investigations: Climate Changers: Community Building Through Sustainability

7th Grade:

Humanities: Race and Identity through the Arts

Investigations: Architectural Explorations: Concrete, Wood, Technical Drawing, and Urban Drama

8th Grade:

Humanities: Welcome to the Good Life: the Philosophy of Living

Investigations: Money Matters: Personal Finance, Government Spending, and Ethical Consumption

9th Grade:

Humanities: Thinking and Writing about Self

Investigations: Perspectives on Mental Illness

Arts and crafts

Example Elective Courses


Exploring the Human Figure: Movement and Drawing

Fake It ‘Till You Make It: Improvisation in the Arts

Fashionable Fictions: What Do My Clothes Mean, and How Do I Make Them?

Fresh Water: Nature’s Circulatory System

From the Beatles to Beyoncé: Pop Music and Its Politics

Real Versus Fake News: The Battle For Truth

Roquette Power: The Science of Fueling the Body

Talk to the Hands: Introduction to American Sign Language

Teen Zines: Independent Publishing in the Digital Age

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Successful Lemonade Stand: How to Create Your Own Business

13 Reasons Why You Should be Skeptical of Your Favorite TV Show

Engagement in music class