The 2020 Teacher application is now available!

The US Grant Summer 2020 Teacher Application is now available. Please fill out the application on this Google Form.

Anyone interested is encouraged to stop by one or both of our information sessions listed below!


The 2020 program for students runs from June 29th–Aug. 7th. Teachers are expected to be in New Haven by Saturday, June 20th for summer training, and stay until Saturday, Aug. 8th to clean up classrooms.

Outline of main teacher responsibilities 

    1. Design three creative, activity-based, middle school appropriate courses: including one “Core” (either Investigations or Humanities) based course, one solo elective course, and one partner-taught elective course.
    2. Teach courses in Dwight Hall, help design free time, and supervise field trips during the duration of the six-week long summer program
    3. Attend extracurricular events, such as Parent Orientation, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Final Showcase.
    4. Live together with the fellow teachers of the US Grant program in friendly learning community.
    5. Grow through mandatory professional development in order to develop skills to become excellent teachers, including:
      1. Four spring training dates (TBA), in which teachers learn the fundamentals of how to design a course.
      2. One week of summer training prior to the six-week summer program.
      3. Weekly professional development meetings during the program in which they workshop lesson plans and discuss big picture questions about American education.

    Ideal US Grant Teachers should:

    1. Have a strong commitment to progressive, activity-based education for middle school students, both in theory and practice.
    2. Be excited to hone their teaching, communication, and leadership skills.
    3. Be dedicated to serving New Haven students and understanding the unique opportunities and challenges of education in an urban setting.
    4. Thrive in team settings: being able to brainstorm and execute ideas, and both give and take constructive feedback.