I teach theoretical phonology at all levels, field linguistics, seminars on topics of theoretical interest, and courses on language and gender. The links below take you to the course syllabi on Canvas, which is accessible to anyone in the Yale community.

Current courses

I am on leave for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Previous courses


Ling 146/546, PSYC 329, WGSS 145 Language and Gender (Spring 2020, co-taught with Claire Bowern)


Ling 235/635 Phonology II (Spring 2020, Spring 2019*)

Ling 232/632 Phonology I (Fall 2019, Fall 2018**)

*Course title “Phonological Theory”; later renamed to Phonology II.

**Course title “Introduction to Phonological Analysis”; later renamed to Phonology I.


Ling 345/745 The syllable and below (Fall 2019)

Ling 344/744 Topics in Phonology: Prosody-Syntax Structure Correspondence (Spring 2019)