I have uploaded two linguistic packages to CTAN. If you like them, think something can be improved, or otherwise have comments, please drop me a line and let me know. I also have an infrequently-used github site.


A package to typeset and index linguistic gloss abbreviations.

The leipzig package provides a set of macros for standard glossing abbreviations, with options to create new ones. They are mnemonic (e.g. \Acc{} for accusative, abbreviated acc). They can be used alone or on top of the glossaries package for easy indexing and glossary printing, e.g. in a footnote.


A package to typeset inline linguistic examples.

The textglos package provides a set of macros for in-line linguistic examples of the variety example ‘gloss’ (as opposed to interlinear glossing, set apart from the main text). It prevents hyphenated examples from breaking across lines and consistently formats phonemic examples, orthographic examples, and more.