The Blackfoot Lab began in Summer 2020. During the first summer, we focused on three main projects: (1) digitizing legacy Blackfoot wordlists and grammars, (2) organizing existing fieldwork materials and beginning some basic annotations of recordings (in ELAN), and (3) creating language teaching games in conjunction with the Cuts Wood School in Browning, MT. Different students chose to “specialize” in different tasks.

The lab will continue throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.

Screenshot from Zoom of all Summer 2020 lab members
Summer 2020 lab members

Undergraduate research assistants:

  • Paige Johnson (wordlists, games)
  • Charelle Brown (wordlists, recordings)
  • Hema Patel (wordlists, games)
  • Josh Celli (wordlists, recordings)
  • Hannah Morrison (wordlists, recordings)
  • Nico Kidd (wordlists, recordings)
  • Isobel Anthony (wordlists, games)
  • Shayley Martin (wordlists, games)


  • Digitized words and phrases from 8 Blackfoot dictionaries and grammars
  • Organized and annotated English phrases from 8 elicitation sessions
  • Developed four pedagogical games