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November-December 2023

Qi and Carol give talks at the Cross Campus COLLABORATIVE science talk series, hosted by Yale Systems Biology Institute and Nanobiology Institute. Great Job!









Lemon May  2023 

Qi absolutely crushed it with her brilliant presentation at the 2023 Retreat for the Cellular and Molecular Physiology Department at Yale West Campus. Congrats Qi!


April  2022

Dr.Kazuki Obashi from Justin Taraska’s Laboratory at the NIH visits us. We also introduce him to the wonderful Turkish food. So great meeting you Kazuki!.


February 2022

Qi Yan joins the lab. Welcome Qi!


June  2021

Our Wu et al. paper is out in eLife:The neuronal calcium sensor Synaptotagmin-1 and SNARE proteins cooperate to dilate fusion pores. Congrats to all involved!



Our Landajuela et al.,paper is out in PloS Biology: FisB relies on homo-oligomerization and lipid binding to catalyze membrane fission in bacteria. Congrats to all involved!


February  2021

Martha Braun successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations Martha!. Well done!

September 2020

Doctor David Chetrit joins the lab. Welcome David!


February 2020

Doctor Maria Tsemperouli from University of Geneva joins the lab to work on the fusion pore project. Welcome Maria !. 


The Karatekin lab went to the 64th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Diego ( CA). Erdem and Ane gave talks and Carol and Martha presented posters.



November 2019

Carolina presented a talk on the Physiology department retreat. Great Job¡.


June 2019

Doctor Carolina Gomis Perez joins the lab to work on the membrane tension project. Welcome Carol!


July 2018

Outdoor journal club with the fusion group – the weather was just too nice outside. 


June 2018

Anin Luo joins the lab. Welcome Anin.



September 2017

Erdem presented a talk on the Physiology department retreat.


Anna Georgieva, our Sackler/NSF REU summer student made the West Campus News. Check out the full story here or on the Yale West Campus Facebook page.


August 2017

We enjoyed a breakfast together at The Pantry in East Rock. Yummy!


July 2017

After almost a year it was time to finally take a new group photo for the Karatekin. Obviously we did have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Jacob Culver for taking the photos. The final version you can see here.


It’s a nice summer evening. Just grab a slice of pizza and enjoy a little get together at the Yale West Campus farm. That’s what the Karatekin lab did. Great idea!


Anna and Lisanne presented their research progress at the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences together with the other REU students. Great job, both of you!


June 2017

Brett’s Farewell! Brett Alcott is moving on and the Karatekin lab got together with him to celebrate and reminisce about the great times we had in the lab with him. Goodbye Brett, come back to visit us often!


Happy Hour! Jesse Rinehart’s and the Karatekin lab organized the annual joined Physiology Department / Yale West Campus get together. The poor watermelon on the tray on the table never had a chance, once the Martha, Lisanne, Natasha and Anna gathered around it.



Lab members of the Nanobiology Institute spontaneously mingle over some cake celebrating Ane’s birthday and Rachel’s farewell in the little kitchen area in the afternoon.


Another grand opening at Yale West Campus this month: the Titan Krios transmission electron microscope is now ready to acquire data.


The new clean room has been officially opened at the Yale West Campus!  We are looking forward to using it regularly to make microfluidic devices.


May 2017

We welcomed new Sackler/NSF REU summer students at a picnic on May 28. Anna Georgieva (from UC Riverside) will be working with Ane in the lab. Welcome Anna and best of luck to you.


The Karatekin lab gathered for a little picnic at the Yale West Campus farm to celebrate Brett’s PhD, Zhenyong’s paper and the arrival of spring.


Lisanne De Groot joined the lab as a summer student to work together with Joerg. Welcome Lisanne.

Congratulation Dr. Brett Alcott for finishing his PhD and good luck in the future.


March 2017

Zhenyong’s paper on the dilation of fusion pores by crowding of SNARE proteins is out. Check it out at eLife!


January 2017

The lab had a successful lab retreat, discussing everyone’s project in detail. We also had a great lunch together, but all we have to show is this one selfie.


Together with Jon Atherton, Communications Officer on Yale West Campus, Joerg came came up with a little side project, combining his passions for playing with LEGO® and science. Here you’ll see what happens if he’s back in Germany, therefore far away from the microscope and has a few hours to spare…

The lab even made the Yale News with this story. And of course this would not have happened without Jon Atherton great ideas and editing skills. Thanks a lot Jon!


November 2016

Martha successfully qualified in her PhD program and the lab took that opportunity to get together and celebrate. Congratulations Martha.



October 2016

Today the lab got together to wish Lu farewell. She is going back to China. We’ll miss her. Good luck with the new job Lu.




August 2016

Our manuscript “SNARE-mediated fusion of single proteoliposomes with tethered supported bilayers in a microfluidic flow cell monitored by polarized TIRF microscopy” is now available in the Journal of Visualized Experiments at J. Vis. Exp. (114), e54349, doi:10.3791/54349 (2016).


July 2016

On July 24 the Karatekin lab enjoyed a nice picnic in East Rock park.



The lab was hosting a Happy Hour for West Campus, 4th of July was the theme. Obviously, it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Erdem could not make it, but he was well represented.Thank you Natasha and Nathan Nhat Nguyen, our honorary DLS-lab member, for organizing it.



Josie Bircher started her summer rotation in the lab.Welcome to the Karatekin lab Josie!



June 2016

The lab is growing. Ane Landajuela Larma joined the lab today for a postdoc in the membrane fission team. Welcome Ane.


Martha finished her studies at Humboldt University in Berlin and is now a Master of Science. Congratulations Martha!


Our manuscript “Nanodisc-cell fusion: control of fusion pore nucleation and lifetimes by SNARE protein transmembrane domains” is now available at Scientific Reports, 6, 27287, 2016.


May 2016

We are happy to welcome Kasey Hancock to the lab. Kasey is comes to Yale through the Sackler/NSF REU program and will work together with Joerg detecting single fusion events of small vesicles with a supported bilayer using TIRF microsopy.
Welcome Kasey and best of luck Kasey!


Natasha succeeded in her quals and the lab come together for a little celebration. Congrats Natasha.IMG_6258



March 2016

Martha decided to join the lab after finishing her rotation. Welcome (back) Martha!


February 2016

Our manuscript “Cholesterol increases the openness of SNARE-mediated flickering fusion pores” has been accepted for publication in the Biophysical Journal. This was a long-runnig, truly collaborative effort with the O’Shaughnessy lab, combining experiments and quantitative modeling. Check it out at Biophys. J. 110:1538-1550, 2016.


January 2016

The Karatekin Lab got together for a lab retreat.P1060588


Martha is back at Yale, this time as a BBSB graduate student. Welcome back Martha! She is rotating on her skates, and rotating in labs, including ours. We hope you will stay in our lab!



October 2015

Vladimir Shteyn joins the lab as a post-doctoral associate, to work on mechanisms of membrane fission during sporulation. Welcome Vlad!


On October 7, Yale celebrated Founders Day. What exactly Erdem saw here and and Joerg couldn’t look at any longer will probably be kept a secret forever. 27
From October 2-4, the lab joined the MB&B department retreat at Woods Hole. Great science, great fun! But maybe just a little bit too cold…

July 2015

We had our lab outing together with David Zenisek’s lab and Jongli Zhang’ lab in East Rock Park. This event was sooo great and everyone was so busy getting to know the members of the other labs that nobody even took a single photo. Our get-together was that great, even Wensi and her husband came all the way from Germany to join us.


June 2015

To our delight, Natasha decided to join our lab for her Ph.D. Welcome!


May 2015

Brett gave his Research in Progress talk at the Physiology department.



April 2015

Lu Ma and Jie Zhu joined our lab. Welcome Lu and Jie.


Martha left the lab, but she will return to Yale’s graduate program in the fall. All the best!


March 2015

Wensi left the lab. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.


The lab enjoyed a night at the ice skating rink in New Haven


February 2015

The Karatekin lab went to the 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore.



January 2015

Natasha Dudzinski joined the lab for her graduate student rotation. She is working with Zhenyong on fusion pore nucleation by SNARE proteins, using the nanodisc-cell fusion assay.


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