Sudheer K. Cheppali


My project aims to understand the mechanism that govern neurotransmitter release using electrophysiological and biochemical/biophysical methods. Vesicle fusion to the plasma membrane triggered by Calcium triggering causes neurotransmitter release. SNARE proteins along with Synaptotagmin-1 and Complexin-1 are known to constitute the minimal machinery for fast, synchronous neurotransmitter release. However the first step of this process: the formation and dynamics of fusion pore is not clear and we strive to understand this vital aspect of the neurotransmitter release. Specifically, I work on understanding the dynamics of single fusion pore and calcium dependence of the factors involved such as Synaptotagmin-1.

I obtained my Master’s degree from School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad and continued my Ph.D at University of Hyderabad in Biophysical chemistry, where I worked on chaperone activity and membrane binding of small heat shock proteins. Through my past research projects I gained valuable knowledge on membrane fusion machinery while developing extensive experience in several single-molecule methods such as TIRFM and optical tweezers.

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