Op Eds on Authoritarianism

If you’re not scared about fascism in the US, you should be (video by Adam Westbrook and Japhet Weeks), NY Times, October 15, 2018

Germany’s Nazi Past is Still Present, NY Times, September 11, 2018

Bannon’s Deviant Badge of Honor, NY Times, March 13, 2018

Real News, Fake News, and Why it Matters, NY Daily News, Aug. 11, 2017

Who is a Criminal? New York Times, May 1, 2017

Unlike all Previous Presidents, Donald J. Trump almost never mentions Democratic Ideals (Washington Post, the Monkey Cage), with David Beaver, February 7, 2017

On Becoming the Enemy, Boston Review, February 2, 2017

On Chess and Democracy, The Washington Post, December 14, 2016

On the Question of the Stability of Democracy, Princeton University Press Election Blog, December 1, 2016

Beyond Lies: Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Reality New York Times, November 4, 2016.

Teaching in the Time of Trump with Ben Justice Social Education, February, 2016

Donald Trump and Mass Incarceration Princeton University Press Election Blog, January 6, 2016

Democracy and the Demagogue New York Times, October 12, 2015

Michigan Emergency Manager Law

Op Ed on the Detroit Water Crisis, New York Times, July 29, 2014

A Single Issue Candidate? (On Hillary Clinton’s charge that Sanders is a “single issue candidate”; involves the on going Michigan water crisis discussed in my 2014 New York Times Stone piece, “Detroit’s draught of democracy”)

The Emergency Manager: Strategic Racism, Technocracy, and the Poisoning of Flint’s Children (forthcoming in The Good Society, this is an academic paper forthcoming in a refereed Public Policy Journal, but very accessible)

Other Articles

My Parent’s Mixed Messages about the Holocaust, New York Times Sunday Review, August 20, 2016

Der Wahn der Überlegenheit, Die Zeit, June 8, 2018 (On the legacy of the 1968 German Student Movement, and Germany’s reckoning with its Holocaust past)

Other New York Times Op Eds in the Stone

The Free Speech Campus Issue

The Free Speech Fallacy, Chronicle of Higher Education, February 26, 2016

When Free Speech becomes a Political Weapon (with Kate Manne), November 13, 2015


How Free Market Ideology Perverts the Vocabulary of Democracy Aeon Magazine (summer, 2016)

Mass Incarceration 

The War on Thugs (on the role propaganda has played in racialized mass incarceration),

Is the United States a ‘Racial Democracy’? (with Vesla Weaver)

On Israeli Politics

An Die Berliner Demonstranten (on how anti-Semitic protests in Berlin during the 2014 Gaza war in fact serve the agenda of right wing Israeli politics)

This is a lightly revised version of my Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung piece, for an American audience:

Boston Review

Il Manifesto

Una Parola che nasconde molte insidie


Politics and Prose Bookstore 
Harvard Bookstore (in conversation with Elizabeth Hinton)
The Golo Mann lecture (Claremont McKenna)
Uncle Bobbie’s Bookstore (in conversation with Marc Lamont Hill)
CSPAN (PEN America Event on How Fascism Works, with Timothy Snyder and Jelani Cobb)



Democracy Now, Part I (October, 2018)
Democracy Now, Part II

Morning Joe (October, 2018)
The Young Turks (November, 2018)
The Damage Report (December, 2018), The Young Turks Network
The Damage Report (January, 2019), The Young Turks Network
The David Pakman Show (January, 2019)
Efecto Naim (October, 2018)

Newspapers, Magazines

Spiegel Online (on antisemitism)

Folha d. Sao Paolo (September, 2018)
O Globo (September, 2018) – behind subscriber wall
UOL, December, 2018
Nepszava, January 2019

Il Sole 24 ore (with Carla Bagnoli)
NBC News, interview with Noah Berlatsky (September, 2018)
Inside Higher Ed, interview with Scott Jaschik (August, 2018)
Vox, interview with Sean Illing (September, 2018)
Slate, interview with Isaac Chotiner (September, 2018)

Der Standard
Die Zeit
Boston Globe
3:AM Magazine
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Il Venerdi de la Repubblica
Irish Times
Berliner Morgenpost

Euro-Atlantic Quarterly

Podcast or Radio Interviews

NPR, Here and Now, Propaganda and Fake News

Ideas (Canadian Broadcasting Company), The Truth about “Post-Truth”

WKNPR (Las Vegas radio, on the 2016 elections and Trump)

New Books in Philosophy
Radio New Zealand
WNPR Colin McEnroe Show

WDET Detroit, The Craig Fahle Show

Background Briefing with Ian Masters