Teaching Page

In Spring 2019, I am teaching:

Propaganda, Ideology, and Democracy (African American Studies 198; Philosophy 177; Education Studies 177b; Cognitive Science 277; Ethics, Politics, and Economics 494)

Practical and Theoretical (with Timothy Williamson), Philosophy 727

It has proven tempting to divide knowledge into theoretical and practical states along a variety of dimensions. One familiar dimension is belief versus desire; but this will not be our focus. Rather, we wish to look at the supposed division of tasks into “theoretical” tasks versus “practical” tasks, such as for example performing a mathematical proof versus ice skating. How different, ultimately, are such tasks? How warranted is this division? We will be reading the recent literature of skill and knowing how, including literature on motor skill, and engaging with challenges along a variety of dimensions. Guest speakers will include Carlotta Pavese and John Krakauer.