Hustle: The Politics of Language (with David Beaver) under contract with Princeton University Press

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them

Translated into Greek, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Croatian, Serbian, Persian, Japanese, Polish, and Swedish.

Selected Reviews

Here is a joint review in an academic journal, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, of four recent books on fascism, including Madeline Albright’s and Levitsky and Ziblatt’s, by Nathan Crick

How Propaganda Works (Princeton UP, 2015, Paperback, 2016)

Translated into Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Italian

I am a board member of the Prison Policy Initiative, an innovative group that effectively takes on the Prison Industrial Complex. 100% of my proceeds for this book go to this organization. My reasons for serving on their board are given in my board interview here. I hope they are compelling enough to lead you to consider making a donation to them.


2016 PROSE award, Philosophy

2016 Global Discourse Book Award

Special Issues of Journals or Journal Symposia


Know How (Oxford UP, 2011)

Some reviews

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Philosophical Quarterly, Zeitschrift für Philosophische Literatur, International Journal of Philosophical Studies

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Book Symposium, with contributions by Imogen Dickie, Mark Schroeder, and Robert Stalnaker

Knowledge and Practical Interests (Oxford UP, 2005)

Winner, 2007 American Philosophical Association Book Prize

Some reviews

Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsMindNous (critical study)

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Book Symposium, with contributions by Gilbert Harman, Ram Neta, and Stephen Schiffer

Language in Context (Oxford UP, 2007)

Some Reviews:

Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsAustralian Journal of LinguisticsIntercultural Pragmatics