In August, 2023, I spent two weeks in Kyiv teaching a summer school at the Kyiv School of Economics.

It was an honor to spend this time alongside the Ukrainian people, who are fighting the army of a bloodthirsty fascist dictator. As a leftist and anti-fascist, I believe this is the center of the fight against global fascism today. So, I have accepted a permanent distinguished visiting professorship at the Kyiv School of Economics. Starting in the summer of 2024, I will be spending every late July to mid August in residence in Kyiv teaching an intensive course at the Kyiv School of Economics. For now, I intend to continue this appointment even after the Ukrainian Defense Forces decisively defeat the Russian army.

My entire salary from this position will be in perpetuity donated to the organization Come Back Alive. Come Back Alive’s “primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, save the lives of our [service persons], and systematically counteract the enemy.” Vladimir Putin loves a bloodbath. The Ukrainian Defense Forces is fighting against the 21st century’s version of Hitler so that the world may one day be safe from the depredations of his regime. I have created this website to invite everyone who can afford it to donate to this organization.