Student Posters

Shin Mei Chan (YSM) Poster 4
Michael Flores (YSM) Poster 7
Megan Grammatico (UConn) Poster 8
Kelsey Jug (YSN) Poster 9
Rebeca Vergara Greeno (YSM) Poster 17
Joseph Williams (YSPH) Poster 18

Resident/Fellow Posters

Koeun Choi (Internal Medicine) Poster 5
Jessica Tuan (Infectious Diseases) Poster 15
Jessica Tuan (Infectious Diseases) Poster 16

Faculty/Staff Posters

Adeola Ayedun (YSPH, GHLI) Poster 1
Marie Brault (YSPH, GHLI) Poster 2
Diego Cabrera (YSM, YSPH) Poster 3
Sarah Christie (YSPH, GHLI) Poster 6
Frances Ogudebe (YSN) Poster 10
Julia Rosenberg (YSM) Poster 11
Julia Rozanova (YSM) Poster 12
Mary Showstark (YSM, Online PA Program) Poster 13
Mary Showstark (YSM, Online PA Program) Poster 14


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