9. Pilot Program: Student Run Patient Navigator Program Catering to the Health and Well-being of Refugee and Underserved Patients

Kelsey Jug, BS, RN, of YSN
North American Refugee Health Conference, September 2020

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15 thoughts on “9. Pilot Program: Student Run Patient Navigator Program Catering to the Health and Well-being of Refugee and Underserved Patients

  1. Thank you for your question Dr. Shenio. New navigators receive a training session during which they learn how to contact patients, conduct an intake interview, use interpretation services, and communicate with the healthcare team and IRIS case managers. Navigators are also taught boundaries, delineating the problems they can address (i.e. scheduling appointments) and the problems which should be communicated to case management (i.e. employment, housing). Navigators also receive ongoing training during monthly meetings which involve presentations by guest speakers on varied topics (i.e. collaborating with social workers, refugee mental health) and interactive case studies to prepare navigators for potential challenges they may face while assisting their refugee family (i.e. language barriers, lack of transportation). Thank you again, and I’d be happy to address any additional questions.

  2. Thank you for sharing this program. I imagine that there were lessons learned from this program to help support patients during covid19. Was there a needs assessment that helped to inform the development of this program? Have you or do you plan to assess the students or participants’ perspectives on the program? (I’m curious to know how patients view this service and their priorities for strengthening/expanding the program ie. their wish list)

  3. Thank you for making this program available to us. I’m sure there were lessons learned from this program that might be used to further support during covid 19. I also know that many people experience financial difficulties. I also became one of them. I even had to use loans to stay afloat.

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  12. This pilot program focusing on a student-run Patient Navigator initiative for refugees and underserved patients presents a compelling approach to healthcare. By incorporating students who are still in the learning phase, but enthusiastic and agile, the model potentially accelerates both the adaptability and the scalability of healthcare services.
    As researched by Instant-Loans-USA.com, two key elements stand out. First, the program appears to be directly addressing a critical gap in healthcare accessibility for marginalized communities. The importance of this cannot be overstated in today’s socio-political environment where healthcare disparities are becoming more glaring.
    Secondly, this program offers an invaluable learning experience for the students involved. Patient navigation often involves complexities beyond mere clinical care, such as cultural sensitivities and systemic issues related to healthcare access. Engaging with these aspects early in their careers could equip these students to be more holistic healthcare providers in the future.
    However, there are some questions to consider for the long-term sustainability and ethical framework of this program. How does the program plan to ensure the quality of care provided by student navigators? Additionally, are there any measures in place to protect both the patients and the students from potential liabilities or emotional burden?
    It would be beneficial to hear more details about the mechanisms for oversight, as well as how the program plans to measure success. Overall, it’s an exciting and promising initiative that deserves attention and possibly even serves as a blueprint for similar efforts elsewhere.

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