Constable’s Landscape- Recreated!

kids and adults sitting on floor looking up at landscape painting
Looking at Constable’s Stratford Mill

On Sat., Nov. 19, we spent the morning looking at John Constable’s 6-foot painting of Stratford Mill in the gallery.

cropped to image, recto, unframed
Constable’s Stratford Mill

We looked at how he painted the sky and foliage as well as how he movedĀ  his brush with paint in his “Cloud Studies” before making our own 3D creation while sitting in front of the artwork.

Kids with baggies of landscape inspried art materials
Multi-sensory landscape fun

Next, we made our own landscape paintings in the class room. We used brushes and aluminum foil to create marks on our paper.

Exploring Artism Nov 19

Fun was had by all.

Happy holidays to all and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, Feb. 18 for the first Exploring Artism of 2017.



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