June Exploring Artism: Birds!

This June, our Exploring Artism class had the chance to mix their creativity with nature through our special lesson dedicated to birds. After a warm welcome and working on a warm-up worksheet in the Docent Room, our group was taken upstairs to see Jacob Bogdani’s work, “A Macaw, Ducks, Parrots and Other Birds in a Landscape.” This work was not only a chance for the students to learn about 18th century art and the use of collage, but it is also full of colorful and lively birds and therefore fun for the students. As we examined the painting, we discussed the elements of collage we could see and how the artist used collage to create the work.

After spending some time examining the piece, the students were each student was given a puzzle piece that had a different part of the painting on it. They were asked to locate their piece on the painting, and then as a group students got the chance to complete the puzzle together. This collaborative exercise allowed students to reflect further on the artwork in front of them as well as work with their peers in a creative way.

After this cooperative activity, we headed down to the Docent Room to make our own 3D birds! Using a selection of wiki stix, all students spent time creating their own bird statues, letting their creativity fly (so to speak). Students were free to design birds in any way their imagination would take them, and we got to see some beautiful results that were then shared with the entire group so that everyone could admire the work.






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