November Exploring Artism: Moore’s Maquettes

This November Exploring Artism event was inspired by Henry Moore, a British sculptor of the twentieth century. Moore began his sculptures by making maquettes, small preliminary models that act as a “sketch” before the real sculpting gets underway. At the Center for British Art, we’re fortunate to have almost a dozen examples of Henry Moore’s maquettes!

We started our activity with a looking exercise. How are the maquettes different? Do you think it took a long time or short time to make the maquettes? How did Moore make his maquettes?


Our activity took place on the third floor in our modern art gallery. We started by rolling chunks of air-dry clay in to balls. Next, we pressed and formed into our own maquettes.


We concluded with a sharing activity, where everybody had the chance to talk about their maquettes and how they might turn them into full-sized sculptures. We have artists in the making!

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