Lesson Plans

Let’s Go Fly a Kite (4/20/2013)

Lesson Plan


Fingerplay Fun Poems

Shape and Color! (9/21/2013)

Lesson Plan

Warm and Cool Colors

Ruffs and Cuffs (2/23/2013)

Lesson Plan

18th Century Dress

The Sense of Hearing: Making Sound (10/20/2012)

Lesson Plan

Sense of Hearing Warm Up Sheet

Instrument Pictures

Our Sounds Worksheet

Edwardian Feathers and Fans (3/16/2013)

Lesson Plan


Types of Fans

Ostrich Pictures

How To Make a Paddle Fan

How To Make a Folded Fan

 Animals in Art (12/15/2012)

Lesson Plan

Zebra Flash Card

Dog Flash Card

Falcon Flash Card

The Inside Scoop Worksheet (Skeleton reference)

Zebra Outline

Water Spaniel Outline

The Island of Barbados (10/19/2013)

Lesson Plan

How To Make an Island

How To Make a Sailboat

How To Fold A Boat

Balance and Repetition in Sculpture (11/17/2012)

Lesson Plan

Make a Sculpture

Shapes and Forms

Types of Lines

Shape and Form in Sculpture (9/22/2012)

Lesson Plan

Shapes and Forms

Shapes and Forms with Sculptures

How to Soap Carve

Buildings (11/16/2013)

Lesson Plan

Building Parts (Warm Up)

Building Materials

Building Tools and Machines

Building Types

Warwick Castle Outline

Building Types PowerPoint

Bears (1/18/2014)

Lesson Plan

Bear Icebreakers

Bear Icebreaker Presentation

The Bear Song

How To Make a Bear Mask

Animal Expressions (2/15/2014)

Lesson Plan

Warm-Up Activity

Image and Title

The Shapes and Colors of John McLean’s Black Watch (3/15/2014)

Lesson Plan

Shapes Warm Up Activity

Color Shapes Warm Up Activity

Bugs and Artist Books (5/17/2014)

Lesson Plan

Bug Warm-Up

Gardens (6/21/2014)

Lesson Plan

Butterflies (7/19/2014)

Lesson Plan

Life Cycle Warm-Up Activity

Coins and Medallions (9/20/2014)

Lesson Plan

Parts of a Coin Warm Up Activity

Design Your Own Coin Worksheet

Crowns and Headwear (10/18/2014)

Lesson Plan

Warm-Up Activity

Crown Matching Game

Hats&Caps iPad/iPhone App

Collage (11/15/2014)

Lesson Plan

Shapes Warm-Up Activity

Singing Fingers App

Henri Matisse (2/21/2015)

Lesson Plan

Warm-Up Activity Organic v. Geometric

Vincent van Gogh (3/21/2015)

Lesson Plan

Warm-Up Activity

van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Irises Slideshow

PlayART App van Gogh Tutorial Slideshow

PlayART App Link

Antarctica (4/18/2015)

Lesson Plan

Iceberg Warm Up

Landscapes and Animals PowerPoint

Small Seal


Elephant Seal


Andy Warhol Inspired Monoprints (5/16/2015)

Lesson Plan

Cityscape Prints (6/20/2015)

Lesson Plan

Klimt’s Prints (9/19/2015)

Lesson Plan

Louise Bourgeois’ Spiders (10/17/2015)

Lesson Plan

Life-Size Game Board! (11/19/2015)

Jackson Pollack Action Painting (3/19/2016)

Chihuli, but in Plastic! (4/25/2016)

Cretan Cats, Goats, and Flower Pots (6/18/2016)

All About Boats! (9/17/2016)

Life at Sea! (10/15/16)

Constable’s Landscape- Recreated!(11/19/2016)

The Great Pagoda at Kew (2/18/2017)

March Exploring Artism (3/18/2017)

Castles (4/24/2017)

Pottery (10/19/2017)

Moore’s Maquettes (11/23/2017)

March Exploring Artism (4/24/2018)

Paston Treasure Textiles (5/7/2018)

Birds! (6/23/2018)


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