Muon TeXtbook

This is it.

This is the culmination of so many long, sleepless nights and hours of bussing to the University of Washington. I’m so excited to be releasing my Muon TeXtbook to the public today!

For those unfamiliar, I have been working with and researching Cosmic Ray Muons for the past year at the University of Washington, working under Dr. Shih-Chieh Hsu and Nicholas Dreyer, alongside Zhanpei Fang. Using the FermiLab QuarkNet equipment, I have researched many different aspects of the muons that emerge from cosmic events. After conducting some preliminary research, I decided that perhaps the best way to give back to the community would be to create a free and accessible resource for new high school students wanting to learn about this fascinating research.

So, please feel free to explore the below textbook and share it with your friends! I hope that you will gain a bit more of the love for science as I have experienced all this year.


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  1. In section 6.2 Relativistic Physics, you mention microseconds but wrote 10^-9, instead of 10^-6 and also should probably write 0.9997c rather than 99.97c. But it’s very well written.

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