Muon TeXtbook

This is it.

This is the culmination of so many long, sleepless nights and hours of bussing to the University of Washington. I’m so excited to be releasing my Muon TeXtbook to the public today!

For those unfamiliar, I have been working with and researching Cosmic Ray Muons for the past year at the University of Washington, working under Dr. Shih-Chieh Hsu and Nicholas Dreyer, alongside Zhanpei Fang. Using the FermiLab QuarkNet equipment, I have researched many different aspects of the muons that emerge from cosmic events. After conducting some preliminary research, I decided that perhaps the best way to give back to the community would be to create a free and accessible resource for new high school students wanting to learn about this fascinating research.

So, please feel free to explore the below textbook and share it with your friends! I hope that you will gain a bit more of the love for science as I have experienced all this year.


A Collection of High School Papers

I’ve written quite a couple of essays and papers in my high school years. Under the tutelage of the International Baccalaureate programme, I’ve been guided through paper after paper of history, science, math, and english, as well as quite a couple of more interesting topics of my own choosing. Since I am now complete with high school and there could not possibly be any retribution for posting them, I’m releasing all of these papers on here, so that other students can perhaps use them as guidelines or for inspiration.

Note: I’m choosing to release these under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial-NoDeriv, which is the most restrictive license I could find. Basically, don’t be an idiot and plagiarize. Just try to learn something new!

EDIT: While you are here, why don’t you also check out a new project that I have started, an online Quantum Computing Journal Club? I would love to receive more correspondence and hear from your thoughts :) Feel free to contact me, about QCJC or about these below papers, at chunyang.ding (at)

Altruism Paper
Biology Presentation
Catalase Lab
Chem Clock Lab
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Coffee Filter Lab
Derivative Portfolio
Flow Rate Lab
Gold Medal Portfolio
Gummy Bear Lab
Hamlet Essay
Heat Percent Yield Lab
Hero of Our Time Essay
Historical Investigation
History of the Americas 1 Essay
History of the Americas 2 Essay
History of the Americas 3 Essay
Hot Chocolate Lab
HSHSP Application
Jane Eyre Essay
Lacsap’s Fractions Portfolio
Math IA Paper – Portfolio
Medusa Play
Net Neutrality Act
On Authority CDF Paper
Origins of the Cold War Essay
Origins of World War I Essay
Origins of World War II Essay
Osmotic Potential Lab
Pendulum Lab
Physics Extended Essay
Pinochet Paper
Raspberry Pi Lesson Outlines
RSI Application
Simple Joy of Math Essay
SSP Application
Sunrise Portfolio
Teacher Interviews
The Scarlet Letter IOP Presentation
The Stranger Essay
Viscosity Lab
Your Inner Fish Essay

In total, this is somewhere around 1000 pages of typed pages. Not bad for a high school student!

ChunnysReview – Math HL Calc