A Digital Quantum Computing Journal Club

I started QCJC about a year ago, and since then, have learned so much from the process of writing and reflecting. And even as I enter senior year, this is still something that I want to continue working on, but hopefully with a wider group of people instead of just aimlessly talking to myself :) The more I learn about this field, the more fascinated I become, on the tremendous leaps in creativity that both theorists and experimentalists take to make successful scientific contributions, as well as the hard dedication that the progress of science takes. As I look towards graduate studies, I hope that my curiosity for quantum computing will never end.

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Old Introduction:

I’m still just a sophomore j̶u̶n̶i̶o̶r̶ senior (with friends now!), but it’s about time for me to dive into the real papers of quantum computing, the field that I hope to be part of. So, what better way than to join a journal club? But for the next five weeks I will be home in Seattle, WA, far away from the YQI. I think that the best idea for this is to start my own digital journal club, centered around reading and digesting quantum computing papers.

I already have a great treasure trove of seminal papers from my Physics 344 class this past semester, so I think I will begin working through those one by one, before exploring more. The main objective for myself is to create some kind of written record of my own knowledge. Just reading a paper, even with highlighting or taking notes in the margins, just doesn’t cement the knowledge well enough. I need to put things into words so that the knowledge stays in my head!

I don’t think anyone will find this blog in the next five weeks, but see below for my daily schedule of posts. The first post will be just a repost of a paper I have already completed, and the papers for the next two weeks will be papers that I have already read but not yet written about. Each post will be completed before midnight, PDT, on the day of. The schedule is below, and after the post is complete, I will link the post.

Ah, I want to post each of the papers I will be talking about as well, but I’m fairly certain that’s in violation of copyright laws. I think I might be able to post some snippets of diagrams or tables as needed to demonstrate specific ideas, but that will be fairly limited as well. However, I will definitely be providing a full citation, so do look up the original paper and follow along… or just come along and laugh at my blatant incompetence!

Do you have any suggestions for any papers that I should read and discuss? Please comment below, or feel free to reach out to me via email (chunyang.ding (at) yale.edu) or via twitter @seattlechunny. Hope to see you soon!