Hello World!

It’s always exciting to start a new blog.

With the stroke of midnight, I have at last graduated from high school and entered the odd in-between period before formally entering college. It’s a time for reflection and for celebration, for creation and reinvention. This is the small sliver of time where there are no pressures, no outside forces, and no rules and restrictions.

When I was younger, I dreaded these long, sticky summers as I would always run out of activities to occupy the boredom. But nowadays, there are barely enough hours of sunlight to get half of what I want accomplished. I look forwards and there’s this large blank canvas for me to paint. Imagination, run wild and be free!

… blank spaces are quite scary.

While it’s typically easy to work on something that is established and familiar, creating something new always has twinges of growing pains and adolescent awkwardness associated with it. During this time of reflection, I’ve revisited the first blog posts I’ve written, read over the letter I sent myself from freshmen year, and saw the notes that I left my teachers through the ages. Each one made me cringe, but that’s a good thing. To see that my past is no longer good enough means that I am growing and maturing! One day, I will revisit upon these posts with embarrassment, but it’s a good feeling.

And with that in mind, Hello, World!

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