Research Communication

Invited Talks:

“Design of interfaces in solid-state energy and electronic materials” – Quantum Simulations Group-Seminar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA                05/22

“The electrons in our lives” – Pint of Postdoc Seminar, Yale Postdoctoral Association, Yale University, New Haven, CT                                                                                       04/22

“Metal/ceramic interfaces: a new class of high diffusivity paths – Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials (IIB), Paris, France                                              07/19

Oral and Poster Presentations:

Batteries of the future: controlled Li intercalation using 2D materials – 5th Annual Yale Postdoctoral Association Symposium, New Haven, CT                                            05/22

Li intercalation in WTe2: an ab initio investigation – A. Kumar and D.Y. Qiu,  APS March Meeting, Chicago, IL                                                                                                 03/22

Thermodynamics, kinetics and doping effects of Li intercalation in two-dimensional heterostructures for energy devices – A. Kumar and D.Y. Qiu,  APS March Meeting 02/21 

Anomalous diffusion at metal/ceramic interfaces – A. Kumar, H. Barda, M.W. Finnis, V. Lordi,  E. Rabkin and D.J. Srolovitz, MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ                     04/18

Point Defects at the Ni-Al2O3 Interfaces: a first principles perspective – A. Kumar and D.J. Srolovitz, International Conference on Diffusion in Materials (DIMAT), Haifa, Israel      05/17

A multiscale modeling approach for the design of efficient thin-film photovoltaic cells (poster) – A. Kumar, J.B. Varley and V. Lordi, Student Poster Symposium, Lawrence Livermore National  Laboratory, Livermore, CA                                                          08/15