I consider mentorship to be a significant aspect of my teaching and research philosophy. At Yale, I am also a part of the Yale Postdoctoral Association, where I served as a coordinator of the Mentorship Commitee from Jan-Dec, 2021. In this role, I coordinated various activities and programs that our committee offers to Yale postdocs to enrich their experience both as a mentor (to graduate and undergraduate students, high-school students in the area, new postdocs at Yale), as well as a mentee (with their PI as well as other faculty members).

As a mentor to undergraduate and graduate students in my research groups, I have found that it is very useful to make them aware of the wealth of resources that they can access, ranging from video lessons to websites. Since different students have different learning styles, this can be a great way for them to enjoy the course/research, as they progress. As some topics tend to be more challenging and require more attention, providing students an opportunity for one-on-one discussions and recitation classes can be highly effective tools in their learning process.