Recent Papers*

*Most link to penultimate versions – for citation, check the journal or book. Some links are temporarily unavailable.

Toward a Non-Ideal Philosophy of Language (with David Beaver)
New School Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 39.2 (2019): 501-545.

How Fascism Works: A Reply to Peter Ludlow
Politics and Letters, January 2019


The Emergency Manager: Strategic Racism, Technocracy, and the Poisoning of Flint’s Children

Is Epistemology Tainted? 

  • Disputatio, Vol. VIII, No. 42, May 2016: 1-36

On a Case for Truth Relativism


Constructing Meanings

Motor skill depends on knowledge of facts

Precis of Know How, and Replies to Imogen Dickie, Mark Schroeder, and Robert Stalnaker

  • Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85.3, 2012

“Empirical Tests of Interest Relative Invariantism” (with Chandra Sripada)

  • Episteme 9.1, 2012: 3-26

“Singular Thoughts and Singular Propositions” (with Joshua Armstrong)

  • Philosophical Studies 154.2, 2011: 205-222

Knowing (How)

  • Nous 45.2, 2011: 207-238.

“Assertion” and Intentionality

  • Philosophical Studies 151.1, 2010: 87-113

On ‘Average’ (with Christopher Kennedy)

  • Mind 118, 2009: 583-646

Knowledge and Certainty

  • Philosophical Issues 18, 2008: 33-55.

Knowledge and Action (with John Hawthorne)

  • The Journal of Philosophy 105.10, 2008: 571-590.

Philosophy of Language in the Twentieth Century

  • The Routledge Companion to Twentieth Century Philosophy (London: Routledge Press, 2008): 382-437

Introduction to Language in Context

  • Language in Context (Oxford University Press, 2007)

Precis of Knowledge and Practical Interests and Replies to Critics (Gilbert Harman, Ram Neta, and Stephen Schiffer)

  • Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 75.1 (2007)

Hornsby on the Phenomenology of Speech

  • The Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 79 (2005): 131-46.

Fallibilism and Concessive Knowledge Attributions

  • Analysis 65.2, 2005: 126-31

Semantics in Context

  • Contextualism in Philosophy: Knowledge, Meaning, and Truth, Preyer and Peter (ed.) (OUP, 2005): 221-54.

On the Linguistic Basis for Contextualism 

  • Philosophical Studies 119, 2004: 119-146

Context, Interest-Relativity, and the Sorites 

  • Analysis 63.4 (2003): 269-80.

Modality and What is Said

  • Philosophical Perspectives 16: (2002):  321-44.

Hermeneutic Fictionalism

  • Midwest Studies 25, French and Wettstein (ed.) (Blackwell, 2001): 36-71

Knowing How
(with Timothy Williamson)

  • The Journal of Philosophy 98.8 2001: 411-44.

Quine at 100
This is a small piece I wrote for a conference at Princeton in June 2008, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Quine’s birth. It is intended for a more general academic audience:

Shorter Replies and Reviews

Intellectualism and the Language of Thought: A reply to Roth and Cummins

  • Bartels and Newen (editors), Knowledge and Representation (CSLI Publications, 2011): 41-50

Hornsby on the Phenomenology of Speech

  • Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 79 2005: 131-145
  • Philosophical Review

Review of Robyn Carson’s Thoughts and Utterances

  • Mind and Language 20.3, 2005: 364-68.

Review of Francois Recanati’s Literal Meaning

  • Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Some older papers

Persons and their Properties

  • The Philosophical Quarterly, 48, 1998: 159-175.

Names and Rigid Designation

  • A Companion to the Philosophy of Language, Hale and Wright, ed., (Oxford, Blackwell Press, 1997): 555-585.

Rigidity and Content

  • Language, Thought, and Logic: Essays in Honour of Michael Dummett, edited by Richard Heck, Jnr. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997): 131-156

Recent Talks

Reply to Amia Srinivasan’s APA Central Division Comments on How Propaganda Works