LibraryIT begins transparent outward communication program

This semester, LibraryIT established several different venues of outward communication, meant to convey the work done in our department and with our collaborating partners. The outward communication channels are as follows:

This is the main source of communication from LibraryIT to Yale Library staff. The blog is updated often, and posts will be short but informative. If there are questions about the blog or its content, please email

  • The Library IT Newsletter

The LIT newsletter rated highly among LIT satisfaction survey respondents as a preferred way to receive information about LibraryIT’s activities. In response to this, LibraryIT will publish a newsletter every two weeks and send it to the Yulib-L mailing list. Some content in the newsletter will come straight from the blog. Other content will consist of shorter news items. The newsletter will also be archived in Eli Scholar, details on that are forthcoming.

LibraryIT maintains a group presence on Yammer, as well as being represented by individual staff Yammer accounts. Being that Yammer is used primarily by central Yale ITS staff, this venue of communication may involve more sporadic and more technically-oriented notes.

Shorter, more news-oriented content will be posted to LibraryIT’s new Twitter account. Announcements about conferences, talks, as well as shortened key updates from the main blog, will be posted here. Yale LibraryIT will also engage with the wider Yale community and peer institutions on Twitter.

The LibraryIT home page is still the central place where project descriptions, points of contact, and other services are still listed. In the coming months, the blog will be embedded into the LIT home page so staff can easily view news items at a glance.

  • Talking TO LibraryIT

The list above details the new ways we will be communicating outwardly to staff and the wider Yale community. You can still communicate with us in all the usual ways: email if you have a question, concern or request but aren’t sure who to contact. Check the staff directory if you need clarification. You can Tweet at us, tag us on Yammer, or comment on our blog, as well.

  • Additional channels (project specific):

Quicksearch beta Project blog

Project Hydra at Yale blog