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Let’s describe emulators in Wikidata!

Screenshot of the Hercules emulator
Screenshot of the Hercules emulator by User:Kungfuman

There is a very useful list page on English Wikipedia called List of computer system emulators. The page contains a lot of structured data about emulators that is not yet in Wikidata.

Tool-builder Magnus Manske created Listeria to support lists on wikis that get their data from Wikidata. Magnus wrote a blog post about the tool that explains the functionality.

I wanted to see if I could recreate some of the structured data from the Wikipedia list page using Listeria. I have been working on describing configured computing environments as part of WikiProject Informatics. I created a subpage here for my Listeria experiment.

I decided to try this out on a subpage of a Wikidata WikiProject rather than on English Wikipedia because I wasn’t sure how the experiment would unfold, or how many of the columns would have values from Wikidata that would be displayed by the Listeria list.

screenshot of list generated by Listeria
Screenshot of the Computer system emulators list generated by Listeria