Beam me up!

The Imaging Lab was a flurry of activity this week.  The “big” news was the delivery of three 1300 pound steel ‘T’ beams that will be used as support for the partition wall between Studios 1 and 2.  We also received our door frames and they are being installed as I write this.  Insulation has been placed in east wall of Studio 1. Installation of plywood backing of the cove wall in Studio 1 has begun.  Electrical and duct work continue to progress.

Two iron workers raise the first 1300 pound steel beam into place where it will get welded to the existing beams in the ceiling. These new beams will add strength and stability to the new partition wall that is being added to the Imaging Lab. The folding partition wall will separate Studio 1 from Studio 2 but can be opened to create one large studio space.

The second of three 1300 pound steel beams is moved into place.

Iron workers slowly raise the last 1300 pound steel beam into place to weld it.

The third 1300 pound steel beam is carefully being put in place around an existing water pipe.

Carpenters are installing the metal double door frame between Studio 2 and the office area space.

Insulation has been placed inside the frame of the east wall of Studio 1.

Carpenters are up in a scissor lift installing fire retardant plywood in the area of the cove wall. They will install the plywood 19′ high- the total height of the cove.

Mark placed on the plywood stating that it has been safeguarded as fire retardant treated wood.

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