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Ibrahim Dagher

Ibrahim Dagher is a Ph.D. student at Yale University, in the Philosophy Department. His publications have primarily been at the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of religion. He is also the founder of Let’s Learn Logic, an education organization dedicated to providing free, accessible online videos on formal logic. He has research interests in analytic philosophy as well as law, and he has a fervent passion for education

Research Interests:

I have two primary research interests. The first is in metaphysics and how it informs issues in the philosophy of religion. The second is in Constitutional law, jurisprudence, and intersections with the philosophy of law.

You can learn more about the issues I’m currently working on and questions I’m pondering here, and you can see the research I currently have under review here.

Education Work:

In addition to research, I’m deeply interested in education, teaching, and making high-quality education accessible to all. I am currently working on creating online videos for Let’s Learn Logic, an education organization aiming to provide free undergraduate and graduate-level courses in formal logic.

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