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Recent Work & Interests

These are my three most recent publications:

Here are some philosophical issues I’m currently writing on, thinking about, or interested in:

  • How to develop refined versions of “bounded” or “capped” models of moral aggregation that avoid the standard objections, as well as showing how such refined views can solve various well-known paradoxes in population ethics.
  • Explanation-based arguments for causal finitism, in expansion of my most recent IJPR paper above
  • Unifying “intrinsic” accounts of modality (e.g., Vetter (2015)’s “new actualism”) and “extrinsic” accounts (the standard possible-worlds semantics) in a way that sheds light on philosophical issues like free will compatibilism, modal epistemology, etc.
  • The problem of evil, especially in relation to whether there are any metaphysical theses (say, hyper-essentialism about identity) that pave the way for new theodicies

I’m also always interested in normative ethics (particularly moral desert and population ethics), and the philosophy of law (particularly Constitutional interpretation and jurisprudence).

For any questions or professional queries, please get in touch with me at: ibrahim[dot]dagher[at]yale[dot]edu

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