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  1. Dear Larry,

    After getting a formal message about your transitioning to become a Professor Emeritus, streams of consciousness flew into my mind and tears came to my eyes. This is one of the times with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I wish there were the magic of “un-retiring” retirement. On the other hand, I know it is important for you to have more time of your own and to rest a bit more. On this important occasion of your going to have a bit and just a bit more time to rest (researchers, after all, love to research even after getting retired), I’d love to wish you well, happy, and strong in your life of retirement.

    With warmest regards and deepest gratitude,

  2. Dear Larry,

    Thank you for everything you have done for our field. And thank you for having taught me how to play that card game that this software doesn’t allow me to name.


  3. Don’t know much about linguistics but do know you are a good friend. Congratulations on your achievements and a toast to to the new phase of your life.

  4. It’s rather late to say, “Way to go, Larry” but way to go!! Warm congratulations from the Carballal-Doob family.

  5. Dear Larry,

    I didn’t see this message board. Congratulations, wishing you lots of fun and frivolity for your future, and thank you immensely for all the help you’ve given me over the years!

    With warmest wishes,
    Debra Ziegeler

  6. Dear Larry,

    Warmest congratulations on your retirement! It was an honor to learn from you and I will always appreciate not only your countless contributions to the field, and to our graduate education at Yale, but also your kindness.

    Best wishes,

  7. Larry,
    I so wish I could be there at Hornucopia, but be there I cannot. I can’t put into words the impact you have had, and continue to have, on my research and career, so needless to say…

    I hope you will be partaking of Grisotto alla Milanese or at least some good hamburgers and truth after the workshop.

    My very best,

  8. Dear Larry,

    It is possible to thank you for some, but definitely not all, of the ways in which you helped me, inspired me, and made me grow as a scholar. For example, when you came to my first LSA talk on a Sunday morning at 8a.m. — to hear me talk about “mal”. I was a 2nd-year graduate student. That was just one example of your generosity that I was lucky enough to experience.

    I hope you enjoy the years to come with the same joy and wit that we all love about you.

    And of course, eating grisotto will never be the same.

  9. Dear Larry,

    I cannot express how I am grateful to you for suggesting wise, right directions whenever I agonize with subtle borderline cases.

    I am sure you will always be with us at every relevant workshop and meeting to show us wise, right directions!

    I came to learn about Hornucopia belatedly.

    Best regards,


  10. Dear Larry,
    Many thanks for the horns of plenty of both the past and the future!

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