Only the cutest, most awesome, sassy, sexy, flawless dance family ever! At Danceworks, we’ll love you to death. We’ll cheer louder than anyone and scream your name at every show. It’s the friendliest environment you could ever want to perform in.

We like bright colors. We like glitter. We like Beyoncé. No, we ARE Beyoncé. And we like to Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work.

We’re overly enthusiastic and overly excited about ALL THE THINGS and NOT SORRY AT ALL. Outside of practice and our fantastic shows, you might find us busting out a chair dance in the middle of a party, sassing it up at football halftime shows as Beyoncés, not dropping that thun thun thun in a silent floating dance party, having all the feels at a So You Think You Can Dance live show, and suddenly appearing in flash mobs on Old Campus.

But you’ll never truly understand what DW LOVE is unless you JOIN US!


MEET THE Spring 2022 BOARD

Michelle Barsukov, TD ’22 – Co-President

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Barsukov (she/her), and I am a senior in TD from Glenview, IL. I am a Chemical Engineering and Economics double major, and am also in the Energy Studies program. My favorite part about Danceworks is seeing the 100+ people with completely different backgrounds and lives come together to create a beautiful show, then share it with the loudest crowd on campus… it’s simply incomparable!

Fav dance style: Contemporary

Doris Chen, ES ’23 – Co-President

Hi! My name is Doris Chen (she/her) and I am a junior in Stiles majoring in Psychology from New York City! Danceworks has led me back to my love of dance through its inclusive, diverse and encouraging space. I love that it is an organization filled with creative, energetic, and BOLD dancers that are excited to try new things! 

Fav Dance Style: Hip-Hop

Ann-Marie Abunyewa, BR ’24 – Co-Publicity Chair

Hi friends! My name is Ann-Marie Abunyewa (she/her), and I’m a sophomore in Branford from Atlanta, GA, double majoring in E&EB and Classical Civilization. I really appreciate how much fun Danceworks has been! Everyone has been super welcoming and supportive, and it’s been really exciting getting to try new choreography and styles throughout the semester. Fun fact: I enjoy recreating my favorite restaurant orders from scratch!

Fav Dance Style: Hip-Hop

Daisha Roberts, SM ’22 – Co-Publicity Chair

board photo

Hello everyone, my name is Daisha Roberts (she/her) and I am a senior in Silliman College from Massachusetts double majoring in East Asian Studies and History of Science and Medicine. I’ve been in Danceworks since my sophomore year and I’ve loved getting to know other dancers and learning new styles of dance.

Fav Dance Style: Contemporary

Ana Borja, BR ’22 – Social Co-Chair

I’m Ana Borja, a senior in Branford majoring in Global Affairs. I come from Madrid, Spain, where I’ve lived most of my life. I really like figure skating, falling while trying to figure skate, traveling, and watching tv shows. I also love listening to music and trying to sing or dance.

Mitchell Davis, BR ’22 – Social Co-Chair

Hey everyone! I’m Mitchell Davis, a rising senior in Branford College doubling in EP&E and Film! I love having a good time and making sure others do too; as a professional bartender and events organizer for the past few years, I have definitely made sure there were plenty of good vibes to go around, and I hope I can do the same this coming semester as the co-social chair! Social planning is incredibly important to cultivate that open and inviting Danceworks experience – and why are we dancing in the first place if not to have fun? 

Emma Knight, BR ’22 – Choreographer Liaison

Hello! I’m Emma (she/her) a senior EP&E major in Branford. My favorite styles of dance are modern and contemporary. I love getting to know all of the other wonderful dancers in Danceworks during tech week. I cannot wait to get back on stage with this awesome team this spring!

Arlene Tetteh-Lartey, TD ’25 – Business Manager

Hey everyone! My name is Arlene Tetteh-Lartey (she/her) and I’m a first-year in TD from Lowell, Massachusetts, hoping to major in Neuroscience. I love how supportive and energetic this group of students is, especially when it comes to performances. Danceworks made my first semester really fun and I can’t wait to make more memories here!

Favorite dance style: Hip-Hop

Resty Fufunan, TR ’24 – Rehearsal Manager

Hello Danceworks! My name is Resty (he/him), and I’m a sophomore in Trumbull College studying Ethnicity, Race, & Migration and Statistics & Data Science. Danceworks’ Love Affair show marked my first return to the stage in over two years; I had previously served as co-president of two Asian cultural dances in high school. It was difficult to keep up this form of dancing over the COVID-19 pandemic, but transitioning to new styles with Danceworks has been an amazing opportunity! DW has allowed me to get to know such a wonderful community of people, and I hope to keep cultivating that as a rehearsal manager.