Yale Danceworks

Welcome to Danceworks!

Founded in 1984, we’re both the second-oldest dance group and the largest non-audition dance group at Yale!

SPRING 2022 UPDATE: This semester, following the COVID-19 guidelines, we will be holding our first few practices remote until February 21st, but we are working to have in-person practices for the rest of the semester! More updates will come through our email and social media, so please make sure to subscribe to our pan-list and follow us on social media for more information!

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We’re all about keeping it fierce, classy, and LOUD! Our shows are full of positive energy, and you will immediately feel like part of a huge family when you dance with us.

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We’re a multi-style, multi-level dance group with over 200 different members! We showcase pieces from a smattering of genres, from Broadway and Contemporary to Hip-Hop and K-POP.

We’re full of incredibly talented and hardworking dancers, some of whom have been dancing their entire lives, right alongside other performers who’ve never danced before. Danceworks is a space where you can grow as a dancer, a performer, and as a person, and express yourself and your identity through movement!

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Our dancers keep coming back to Danceworks, because of the empowering and supportive community we’ve built through the years. We perform twice per academic year – once in the Fall Semester, and once in the Spring! If you’d like to dance or choreograph with us (any Yale-affiliates are welcome, including graduate students and even faculty), email us at yaledanceworks@gmail.com, and look out for our Information Sessions at the beginning of each semester!

We had the privilege of holding our first in-person show in over two years this past fall semester. Check out the live stream of Danceworks Love Affair below!

Below is our Spring 2020 virtual performance!