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Spring 2023 Show: Let’s Ride

Fall 2022 Show: All or Nothing

Spring 2022 Show: Ignite

Fall 2021 Show: Love Affair

Danceworks board photograph with "love affair" text imposed

Planned Spring 2020 Show: GAMEOVER

Fall 2019 Show: The Lost City of Atlantis


Spring 2019 Show: Danceworks Goes Galactic


Fall 2018 Show: Agent DW 007

Fall 2017 Show: Once Upon a Danceworks

Spring 2017 Show


Fall 2016 Show: Straight Fire


Spring 2016 Show: Origin Stories

Fall 2015 Show: Safety Dance

Spring 2015 Show: Cirque du Danse


Fall 2014 Show: A Light in the Dark


Spring 2014 Show: License to Dance


Fall 2013 Show: Creatures of the Night


The following photos are courtesy of Julia Chen.

Spring 2013 Show: Fire & Ice


Fall 2012 Show: Dancing ‘Til the World Ends