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Feb. 16, 2024 Spring Festival Celebration
The Chinese Program hosted a Chinese New Year celebration on Friday, Feb. 16, attracting nearly 300 attendees from across Yale for an afternoon of food, performances, karaoke, and cultural celebration. The event showcased the work of students involved in the Chinese Program, featuring pre-recorded performances from some Mandarin class and brushstroke calligraphy and Chinese painting created during weekly club workshops. Attendees included current Mandarin students, graduate students, teachers, and family members.  Click here for a short video highlighting the event

Sep. 27 2023 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 中秋茶话会

August 15, 2023 Chinese Program Peer Voice Info Session

May 3 2023 Taste of Chinese Language and Culture 汉语语言、文化体验活动

2023 Lantern Festival Celebration

2022 Year of Tiger Online Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration

Click for 2022 Lantern-Festival-Program-Flyer

说唱“新年好” Sing & Rap Happy New Year


Click here for 钟琴表演《康定情歌》Harkness Carillon KangDing Love Song by 吕美

同侪分享会 Peer Voice Sharing

2021 Year of OX Online Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration

New Year  Wishes from the Teachers

苏老师Teachs you how to write “福”(blessings) and “春”(spring)

Chinese New Year Dumpling Party

Chinese classes 中文课