CHNS 130/140

CHNS 130 : Intermediate Modern Chinese I  中级中文I
CHNS 140 : Intermediate Modern Chinese II  中级中文II

Chinese 130/140 is a continuation of Chinese 110/120 for true beginners at the intermediate level. Enrollment is screened to exclude those students who have already acquired oral fluency through ways other than from the elementary college course. Those students are advised to take Chinese 132.

IMG_6770Chinese 130/140 meets for 5 days a week, 50 minutes per session. Students are expected to spend 1-1.5 hours every day, besides the class time, preparing for class, reviewing for tests, and doing homework. Class enrollment is limited to maximum 14 students. Instructional language is exclusively Chinese, except those situations where students are doing bilingual translation or where a grammatical point needs to be explained in English. Students are expected to speak in Chinese during class time. In class activities include drills, quizzes, organized oral exercises such as making dialogs, presenting a narrative, or performing a skit, and short grammar lectures.


Chinese 130/140 helps students reinforce what they have acquired in the elementary course and continue to expand their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, by studying a variety of texts covering different aspects of daily life, simple academic subjects, cultural settings, and limited written expressions. Finishing the course, students are to be able to communicate more comfortably and confidently with native speakers of Chinese on simple daily and academic subjects and to have acquired a solid reading and writing knowledge to get ready for studying semi-authentic and authentic Chinese texts at advanced levels.

Enrollment for this course is managed through Preference Selection

For detailed information about this course, please contact Course Head Haiwen Wang at