Current members

Yuan Ren (Postdoc)
is a cell biologist who worked on the neuronal growth cone cytoskeleton during his PhD with Daniel Suter (Purdue University, Indiana)


Rui Ma (Postdoc)
is a physicist (theoretician) who worked on molecular motors during his PhD with Frank Jülicher (Max Planck Institute – Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany) and Zhong-Can Ou-Yang (Tsinghua University, China).


Ronan Fernandez (Lab manager/Research associate) was trained as a plant biologist. He obtained his PhD at Université Paris XI (France) and did a postdoc at Yale University.



Xiaobai Li (PhD student) is a Chemistry graduate student. Xiaobai initially trained in Chemistry and Mathematics at Emory University.




Ruchira Ray (Undergraduate student, Yale ’21) 



[Starting in the Fall 2019] Iman Mousavi (Postoc) is a biophysicist who worked on diverse aspects on the cytoskeleton and biological fluids with Erkan Tüzel (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts)

Former Berro lab members

Mike Lacy (PhD student) (BBSB/PEB Graduate Student, 2014-2018): now a scientific editor at Elsevier.

Katherine Barrs (Undergrad, Georgia Southern University ’20; Summer 2019): now a junior.

Mimi Kostoska (Undergrad, Yale ’21; 2018-2019): now a junior.

Neal Ravindra (PhD student) (graduate student, 2015-2019).

Joël Lemière (Postdoc, 2014-2018): now a postdoc at UCSF.

Sabina Haque (Undergrad, Middlebury College ’18; summer 2017): now a graduate student at Harvard.

Michael Najem (Undergrad, Yale University ’20; summer 2017): now a senior

Stephanie Warnken (Undergrad, Colgate University ’16; summer 2015): now a PhD student at George Washington University, DC.

Caitlin Anderson (Undergrad, Wartburg College ’15, summer 2014): now a PhD student at University of Chicago.

Annie Bui (Undergrad, Yale ’17, summer 2014)

Marianne Grafe (Master student, Universität Potsdam ’14, spring/summer 2014): now a PhD student in Ralph Gräf’s lab at Universität Potsdam (Germany)