Current members

Yuan Ren
Yuan Ren (Postdoc)
is a cell biologist who worked on the neuronal growth cone cytoskeleton during his PhD with Professor Daniel Suter (Purdue University, Indiana)


Iman Mousavi
S. Iman Mousavi (Postdoc) is a biophysicist who worked on diverse aspects on the cytoskeleton and biological fluids with Professor Erkan Tüzel (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts)


Xiaobai Li
Xiaobai Li (PhD Student) is a Chemistry graduate student. Xiaobai initially trained in Chemistry and Mathematics at Emory University.



Qun Lin
Qun Lin (Research Associate)
is the lab manager. Before joining the Berro lab, she was a research scientist at Stanford and at Yale. She has extensive experience in molecular biology and cancer research.


Barbara Fujita

Barbara Fujita (Postgraduate Associate) majored in Mathematics with Minors in Biology and Integrated Quantitative Sciences from University of Richmond, VA, where she also worked in Professor Omar Quintero’s lab where she studied the role of Myosin19 in mitochondria dynamics and behavior.


Takumi Saito
Takumi Saito (Visiting PhD Student)
is a graduate student in Professor Shinji Deguchi’s lab at Osaka University, Japan, where he studies mechanobiology and biomechanics at the molecular and cellular scale.


Former Berro lab members

Rui Ma (Postdoc, 2014-2020): now an assistant professor at Xiamen University, China.

Ronan Fernandez (Lab manager/Research associate, 2014-2020) : now a research scientist at Adiagene, Saint-Brieuc, France.

Ruchira Ray (Undergraduate student, Yale ’21): now a senior.

Mike Lacy (BBSB/PEB PhD Student, 2014-2018): now a curation manager at the American Society for Cell Biology.

Katherine Barrs (Undergrad, Georgia Southern University ’20; Summer 2019): now a senior.

Mimi Kostoska (Undergrad, Yale ’21; 2018-2019): now a senior.

Neal Ravindra (PhD student, 2015-2019). Now a postdoc at Yale.

Joël Lemière (Postdoc, 2014-2018): now a postdoc at UCSF.

Sabina Haque (Undergrad, Middlebury College ’18; summer 2017): now a graduate student at Harvard.

Michael Najem (Undergrad, Yale University ’20; summer 2017): now a M.D. candidate at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, Pasadena, CA.

Stephanie Warnken (Undergrad, Colgate University ’16; summer 2015): now a PhD student at George Washington University, DC.

Caitlin Anderson (Undergrad, Wartburg College ’15, summer 2014): now a PhD student at University of Chicago.

Annie Bui (Undergrad, Yale ’17, summer 2014): now a data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC.

Marianne Grafe (Master student, Universität Potsdam ’14, spring/summer 2014): now a postdoc at Universität Potsdam, Germany.