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CampusPress is WordPress

Welcome to CampusPress

Yale University’s multi-site WordPress instance hosted by EduBlogs. Yale NetID holders sign-in and create a site. Invite collaborators – both Yale and non-Yale.  See the quick start guides for more information.

What’s New on CampusPress

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CampusPress is WordPress
The War That Never Ends: US & Vietnam
Just another Yale University CampusPress site
Varieties of Judaism in the Second Temple Period
Bonnie Weir
Senior lecturer of political science at Yale University

The Greek Revolution and the Greek Diaspora in North America
Unofficial Guide to Physics Resources
Just another Yale University CampusPress site
Ramla Ijaz
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, Yale University
'La Langue de Césaire': Plotting Aesthetic Production in French beyond the Métropole
A digital bilingual anthology of literature from Africa and the Caribbean
SPAN 125 (FA21) Telecollaboration Yale-PUCP
"A different language is a different vision of life." -Federico Fellini
F. V. Augur
Just another Yale University CampusPress site
Mihai's Website
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