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*Japanese program mascot (designed by Philomena Wu san)


ようこそ!Whether you are here through interest in Japanese pop culture or are thinking of working in Japan in the future, the Japanese language program (along with Tanuki-kun) welcomes you. On this website, you can find information about the eight levels of classes that are offered, the instructors teaching these classes, opportunities outside of classes to practice Japanese, and more. Whether you are a beginner or a native Japanese speaker, there is a place for you in and out of class to help develop your proficiency in Japanese.

This website will serve as a guide to help you figure out where you can be plugged into this program. In the Classes page, you can find a list of the description of the eight classes that are offered – the semesters you can take them in, how you can take them, and a brief description of what you can learn in the class; you can also find information on how to receive the Japanese Language Certificate here. In the Instructors page, you can find a list of the instructors and their contact information. In the Events page, you can find various events that are hosted throughout the year – check here regularly to stay updated! In the Fellowship & Opportunities page, you can find other ways in which you can further enrich your language studies. In the Friends page, you can find online resources to help you further study Japanese outside of class. In the Student Projects menu, you can find student work that you can view to gauge what kind of work you may be expected to do and what students can accomplish, as well as see what kind of larger impact they can make for the larger community. In the History page, you can find the history of the Japanese program at Yale.


*Tanukis (also known as racoon dogs or trash pandas) are known in Japanese folklore for being pranksters. Despite this, Tanuki-kun is a shy tanuki from Miyajima who wants to make new friends at Yale while sharing more about his culture. The small sprout on his head represents his eagerness to learn and grow as a student. Tanuki-kun’s favorite pastime is seeing how much food he can sneak out from different dining halls and cafes.

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