About this project

The ‘Developing an OER Repository of Heritage Language Teaching and Learning Modules’ project at Yale University, initiated by Angela Lee-Smith (Korean) and developed in collaboration with Mansi Bajaj (Hindi), Ninghui Liang (Chinese), Peisong Xu (Chinese), and Sarab Alani (Arabic), is supported by the CLS as part of IIW 2024. This initiative has successfully created five comprehensive modules centered on crucial themes such as heritage identity and culture. Designed for heritage language (HL) learners at intermediate to advanced levels in secondary and higher education, these modules provide language-specific examples but are adaptable across various languages. They integrate principles of universal design for learning (UDL) to enhance communication skills, cultural awareness, and critical thinking. HL teachers can effortlessly adapt and implement these modules in their educational settings. Each module also incorporates AI technology to improve teaching efficiency. Hosted on WordPress, the repository enhances accessibility and inclusivity, fostering a community of practice among heritage language educators and learners.

The HL Module Team at the IIW 2024:  (in the photo, left to right, are ) Peisong Xu, Sarab Alani, Angela Lee-Smith, Ninghui Liang, and Mansi Bajaj.  (photo taken by Rongzhen Li)


The necessity for this OER repository arises due to the substantial curricular challenges encountered in the education of HLs, especially those less commonly taught. Key challenges include a lack of up-to-date teaching materials and textbooks specifically for heritage learners. Even the few available OER materials are often outdated, leaving a gap in resources that truly address their unique needs. To address these shortcomings, this OER initiative aims to furnish accessible, flexible, and culturally relevant teaching and learning materials. These resources are designed to profoundly support and enrich heritage language and culture education, offering strategies that deeply resonate with the educational needs of heritage learners. This initiative aims to create a lasting impact on heritage language learning through collaborative development, innovative use of AI technology, and a commitment to inclusivity. Overall, developing an OER repository of teaching and learning modules will significantly contribute to heritage language education, offering a resource-rich platform that addresses the curricular needs of educators and learners.


  • To develop a comprehensive OER repository of lesson modules that supports heritage language teaching and learning.
  • To create adaptable modules across various educational settings, focusing on heritage identity, culture, and challenges.
  • To integrate AI technology to enhance learning experiences, efficiency, and accessibility, while also promoting differentiated learning and personalized feedback.

Ultimately, this OER repository will continue to evolve, enriched by ongoing additions, revisions, and enhancements. This development will be fueled by contributions and collaborations from heritage language (HL) teachers across languages and institutions, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive resource hub.


This project would not have been possible without the invaluable support of IIW 2024 and the CLS team at Yale University (Fernando Rubio, Mary Jo Lubrano, David Ortega, Janice Willson, Adam Stein, Maria Ideliu, and Elizabeth Johnson).

Repository of Heritage Language Teaching and Learning Modules © 2024 by Al-Ani, Bajaj, Lee-Smith, Liang, Xu is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0