You can get a copy of my most recent CV here


July 2017 – August 2022

Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA  

Ph.D. (2022) in Developmental Psychology

M.S. (2019) and M.Phil (2020) in Psychology (en route to Ph.D.)

Advisor: Yarrow Dunham

August 2013 – July 2017

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China​ 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Department of Psychology

Bachelor of Economics, School of Economics and Management


Yale Nathan Hale Associates Fellowship, 2021

National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship ($27,500), 2021

Yale Graduate Student Conference Travel Award 2nd Round ($500), 2019

Yale Graduate Student Conference Travel Award ($500), 2019

Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Graduate Travel Award ($500), 2018

Tsinghua Undergraduate Research Grant (Approximately $4400), 2017

Tsinghua Top Open Program Award for Undergraduate Overseas Research (Approximately $3000), 2016

Tsinghua Student Research Training Fellowship (Approximately $500), 2016

National Scholarship for Excellent Undergraduate Exchange Students ($6000 plus travel grant), 2015


Yang, X., & Dunham, Y. (2021). Emerging complexity in children’s conceptualization of the wealthy and the poor. Developmental Science (see PDF), e13225.

Yang, X., Naas, R., & Dunham, Y. (2021). Testing the limits of structural thinking about gender. Developmental Science (see PDF), e13169.

Yang, X., Wu, Z., & Dunham, Y. (2021). Children’s restorative justice in an intergroup context. Social Development (see PDF), 30(3), 663–683.

Yang, X. & Dunham, Y. (2019). Hard to disrupt: Categorization and enumeration by gender and race from mixed displays. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (see PDF), 85, 103893.

Yang, X. & Dunham, Y. (2019). Minimal but meaningful: Probing the limits of randomly assigned social identities. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (see PDF), 185, 19–34.

Yang, F., Choi, Y., Misch, A., Yang, X., & Dunham, Y. (2018). In defense of the commons: Young children negatively evaluate and sanction free-riders. Psychological Science (see PDF), 29, 1598–1611.


The development of children’s understanding of competence and achievement. Symposium at the Society for Research in Child Development 2021 Virtual Biennial Meeting (SRCD 2021).

Children’s understanding of social hierarchies and interventions to reduce status prejudice. Symposium at Cognitive Development Society Biennial Conference 2019, Louisville, Kentucky, USA (CDS 2019).