Dan Spielman and I are running a  seminar in Combinatorics and Probability, we meet Friday 2pm, 215 LOM weekly. Here is the schedule. 

I also run a reading seminar in random matrix theory. We meet Tuesday, 10.30am, 205 LOM. (To be confirmed; this was the schedule for Fall 2012). In the first few lectures of Spring 2013, Sean O’rourke is going to discuss GUE and GOE (random hermitian matrices with gaussian entries).

I also organize the department coll. See here for schedule. Spring 2013 program includes  Gross (Havard), Goldfeld (Columbia), Wigderson (IAS), Iwaniec (Rutgers), Ben Arous (NYU),  and Naor (NYU).

If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact us. If you are preparing for a talk, notice that AMS does have a regulation on how  a talk must be given ! (Well, it is a joke; however, I found the article very useful.)


I am organizing a short course in Random Matrix theory at the 2013 AMS Annual meeting (San Diego, Jan 2013).  Speakers are Chafai, Edelman, Ben Arous, Erdos, Guionnet, Tao and myself. Check the link above for the topics and schedule.

I am organizing a summer school in Random Structures and Algorithms at VIASM (Vietnam Institue of Advanced Studies in Mathematics), in Hanoi (Vietnam)  in July 2013. The instructors include M. Krisnapur, E. Welzl, HD. Phan, and myself.  Here is the program schedule (see the bottom for information for applicants).

With A. Gilbert (UMich), P. Jones (Yale) and G. Martinsson (U. Colorado),  we  organizing a workshop at ICERM on “Eigenvectors  of graphs and Applications in Numerical Analysis” (May 2014).  Details will appear soon.

With D. Conlon (Cambridge), E. Croot (GaTech) and T. Ziegler (Haifa), we are organizing a workshop in Additive and Analytic Combinatorics at IMA (Sept 2014). For more details, see here.