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Sur et Veritaal (more commonly known as Surs) is Yale’s only South Asian a cappella group.  Surs made its debut in 2010 at Roshni, Yale’s South Asian Cultural show. Since then, we have we have expanded our repertoire with new and unique vocal arrangements that combine popular Bollywood tunes with Western hits.


In the past, we have performed on campus, around New Haven, and traveled to places like NYC and Boston for showcases and competitions.  We have been fortunate to share a stage with some other great groups including Stanford Raagapella, Rutgers Raag, and UConn Husky Hangama.  We have also had the pleasure of performing for amazing entertainers like Shah Rukh Khan and John Cho during their visits to campus.

We look forward to many more years of singing, growing, and adventuring together!

Fun Fact!

Sur et Veritaal is a play on Yale’s motto “Lux et Veritas” (Light and Truth) using the Hindi words “sur” (melody) and “taal” (rhythm).




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