RB holds auditions once every semester, typically on the first weekend after classes start. They take place over two days, with the detailed process as follows:

A. Choreography – This is where you show us how well you can learn and execute moves. RB will teach you a short piece of choreography from one of our past shows, which you will then perform for us in small groups. We look out for strength, accuracy and flair in execution, but we also want to see you have fun and really perform the dance.

B. 30-second Solo (Optional) – This is where you show us anything special you’ve got. Your solo can be freestyle or choreographed, and in any style of dance you feel will showcase your dance abilities. Whether it’s contemporary, ballroom, jazz, swing or even your own personally-invented style, we’d love to see it.




A. Choreography I (everyone) – RB will start by teaching everyone a short piece of choreography, which you will then perform in small groups; this is exactly the same as the first stage of Day 1 Auditions, except the choreography will be more challenging.

B. Choreography II (choice of three dances) – Here, RB will show you three different pieces of choreography with contrasting styles: in a selection of three for instance, you may get a hard-hitting hip-hop piece, a softer lyrical hip-hop number, and a jazz funk routine. You will get to pick one of the three dances to learn, and you will then perform that dance in small groups.



Auditions are FUN and low-stress, and we welcome dancers of any level, with a variety of skills and with or without previous experience.

If you are eager to join our RB family and want to find out more, drop us an email!