Towards the end of every semester, RB stages an independent, large-scale production in which we share our latest choreography with friends and family in the Yale community.  These shows typically last for two hours long, feature a rich diversity of styles from different choreographers within the group, and give us a chance to showcase what we spend most of the semester working on. They are our main performance every season, and are especially important to us because they give us the chance to interact closely with our audience. Come prepared to have a great time, and maybe even take the stage for a little yourself 😉

Come and check out our Fall 2019 Semester Show: RB Fantasy. We will be having FOUR shows at the Off Broadway Theater:
Thursday, November 14 at 6 pm and 9 pm
Saturday, November 16 at 6 pm and 9 pm

Tickets for all shows are $5! (Get Tickets Here)


[click on a poster to access our YouTube videos from that particular show!] 

Spring 2019: RB Gone Rogue

Fall 2018: RB Ultra

Spring 2018: RB Impulse

Fall 2017: RB After Dark

Spring 2017: RB Dynasty

Fall 2016: RB Takes Prom


Fall 2015: RB XXL


Spring 2015: District RB

Prohibition Horizontal

Fall 2014: Prohibition

Spring 2014: Worst Behavior

Fall 2013: Reverb


Spring 2013: A Black Tie Affair



Fall 2012: Rated RB

Spring 2012: RB Nation