Library and Workday testing results

After months of careful planning and testing, the Workday transition is close to becoming a reality.  Even though not much has changed for the library, as one of the downstream users, the library played a role in the testing of the patron data extract process.  This is to ensure that all of the Human Resources data is carried through into the Voyager patron database correctly.  A team of approximately 15 Access Services staff members from Sterling, Divinity and the CSSSI devoted some time analyzing patron records before and after text patron extracts for comparison.  Between all of us, we analyzed a little over 400 patron accounts for accuracy.  Additionally, ‘mock accounts’ that were created by University ITS staff were also examined (ie, new hires, terminations, job changes, etc) and carried through a Voyager patron extract correctly.  All in all, with a strong team composed of Access Services staff, Library IT and University IT, we were able to confirm that the data flow will remain unaffected.  This change is scheduled to take place on July 1st.  For extra measure, the same team who participated in the testing will also check Voyager patron records for accuracy after the first scheduled patron extract when the Workday transition happens. For questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at

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