Lectures and Events


Wed., March 18, 2020 ~~ Central European University, Budapest, public lecture: “Borders and Boundaries in Sacred Space: The Painted Chancel-Walls of Alpine Franciscan Churches.” Talk given in conjunction with DAAD Workshop on “Borders and Interactions: Monastic Regions, Cult Center, Pilgrimages”

July 6-9, 2020 ~~International Medieval Congress, Leeds. Session 910, roundtable participant in session “(Un)Bound Bodies: New Approaches”; Session 1138, “(Crossing) Boundaries between Laity and Clergy II,” paper on “Bernardino Luini’s ‘Lettnerwand’ at Santa Maria degli Angeli in Lugano: Borders, Boundaries, and Passages in a Late Medieval Swiss Church.”


Sept. 18-21, 2019 ~~ Forum Kunst des Mittelalters conference in Bern, Switzerland. I’ll be giving a talk called “Sites of Passage: Walking to Heaven in Gothic Tympana” in the session “Brücken zum Jenseits: Mittelalterliche Kunstwerke in Transferprozessen zwischen irdischer und himmlischer Sphäre II / Bridges to Transcendence: Medieval Artworks within Processes of Transfer between Earthly and Heavenly Spheres II” organized by David Ganz, Sophie Schweinfurth and Katharina Theil, Friday, Sept. 20, 4:45-6:15 pm.

Oct. 17, 2019 ~~ University of Notre Dame, Medieval Institute. I’ll be giving a talk called “Movement, Media, and the Quest for Salvation: A Pillar for Thinking in the Strasbourg South Transept,” 5:00-7:30 pm.

Nov. 2, 2019 ~~ New England Medieval Consortium conference on the topic “Rethinking the Body: Humanity and its Discontents in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.” I’ll be giving a keynote address on Gothic sculpture, haptic sensation, and embodied beholding.

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